January 2015

Happy new year to one and all. May your dreams come true this year…

All the staff are at work this morning and we are in full swing. The guys are working hard to finish various HO scale orders, 15F’s, 25′s, LA3′s, XB10′s, Blue trains and many others.

Our new catalogue is coming along nicely and we are also working on updating the website. The old website got hacked numerous times and we thought it best to kill the entire site and to start from scratch. We installed a new web management system last year and left it to see whether it would get hacked again. The site seems to be secure and hasn’t been hacked so we are happy to reload all the data.

The biggest development this year will be SAR in N scale. We’ve done a lot of research and decided to go with Kato as a basis and thus our chosen scale is 1:160. All the machines, laser, CNC, 3D printer, brass etcher, etc. are itching to start producing N scale models.


…at long last a new website…

It’s taken a long time to get this new site up and running.  There is always just so much work to do. But hey, the time has come to show you what we do and also put our products up for sale again in the public domain.

Please understand that this is going to take a while to complete so bear with us while we put it all in place.

General modelling specializing in South African Railways scale models